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Q: Why is the LSW certification important?

A: The LSW certification is important because it signifies that the individual has the skill set necessary to provide quality language services to individuals and families.

Q: What is the LSW certification process?

A: The LSW certification process is composed of three steps:

1. Application. The first step of the certification process is to submit an application. The application process includes submitting required documentation and taking the LSW certification exam.

2. Recertification. Every two years, individuals must recertify their skills by passing the LSW certification exam.

3. Licensure. Once an individual has completed the application and recertification steps, the state will issue a license that authorizes the individual to provide language services.

Q: What type of documentation is required to apply for the LSW certification?

A: The application requires the submission of required documentation, which includes:

1. A resume

2. A written statement of purpose

3. Transcripts from previous education and/or training

4. A list of current clients

5. A reference letter

Q: What is the LSW certification exam?

A: The LSW certification exam is a multiple-choice, objective-type exam.

Q: What should an applicant do if they fail the LSW certification exam?

A: If an applicant fails the LSW certification exam, they must retake the exam.

Q: What are the requirements to become licensed as an LSW?

A: To become licensed as an LSW, an applicant must:

1. Meet the requirements of the state in which they want to practice

2. Pass the LSW certification exam

3. Complete an ethics course

4. Complete a criminal background check

5. Pay a licensing fee

Q: What are the benefits of becoming licensed as an LSW?

A: The benefits of becoming licensed as an LSW include:

1. The ability to provide quality language services to individuals and families

2. The ability to work in a variety of settings

3. The recognition of one’s skills and expertise

4. The ability to work as an independent contractor or as a staff member

5. The opportunity to earn a living as an LSW

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